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  • 1.  Iteration and Release

    Posted 5 days ago
    Ok, I am not as familiar with Rally as some others but the videos and trainings tell me that we can use the KANBANs in rally for work instead of a sprint if that is how the work is being done.  I am doing more of a Scrumban but Kanban fits most of the aspects.

    with that being said - a Kanban is a on-going process and we don't stop at the end of a sprint to assess or turn over work, we continue with work and plan on a bandwidth/ capability platform.  So it doesn't seem to me that I can change the criteria of the team capabilities list to work from a complexity/capability versus the plan estimate and estimate numbers...
    1)I I want to change the criteria the team capability list calculates from?
    2) what is affected if I set my Iteration and Release to a fiscal year?
    3) is using the iteration the only way to pull stories out of backlog?
      -  because I have work started with no iteration or release still showing in my backlog list.
    4) Can I change the Fields/Columns in a KANBAN app to fit better with my process?
    5) is there a way to get the task to calculate time/ManHours from the estimate when adding to actuals in tasks?

    Jennifer Hall