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How to support same server different IP addresses in SOI Hierarchy

  • 1.  How to support same server different IP addresses in SOI Hierarchy

    Posted Jul 29, 2022 04:37 PM
    For some of our servers that failover between two data centers we utilize VMWare Site Recovery Manager (SRM). The way it is configured the server keeps its name, but has an IP address specific for the data center applied. The server can only be active in one data center at a time. I am looking for a way for the CI in SOI to be composed of name and IP so in our build for each application we can show where the server is active and alert that instance correctly. Our build for each application shows all of the servers and the data centers they are running in. Since the servers that utilize SRM keep the same name it is impossible to display them in each data center and alert the correct instance. 

    Spectrum is able to discover both instances of the CI, and we put the standby instance in hibernation mode to not receive an alert for not responding to polls. 

    In the USM notebook SOI shows two records from Spectrum, one for each IP address with a unique MDR Element ID (not sure what that is). I just can not distinguish the two records when associating to a service for the application. 

    Opened a case with support, and was suggested to post here.

    thanks, Steve
    Technical Architect 
    Montefiore Health System