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[Experimental Feature] Layer7 Operator with config as code and Open Telemetry tracing examples

  • 1.  [Experimental Feature] Layer7 Operator with config as code and Open Telemetry tracing examples

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted May 09, 2023 01:21 PM
    Edited by Ben Urbanski May 09, 2023 02:17 PM

    I'm excited to announce the availability of a new experimental Layer7 Operator.

    The Layer7 Operator provides another deployment and runtime management model for Layer7 API Gateway containers in Kubernetes that we will build upon in the future.

    The experimental Layer7 Operator can currently:

    - Support all current Helm deployment options
    - Deploy gateways based on gateway custom resources
    - Apply static and dynamic configuration as code based on git repository custom resources
    - Demonstrate offloading Open Telemetry tracing and metrics to external solutions including Jaeger and Prometheus/Grafana

    Additional capabilities are planned for future releases including:

    - Consolidation of tracing, logging, auditing and metrics for monitoring, alerting and analytics from Jaeger/Prometheus/Grafana to the ECK stack
    - Support for static and dynamic external secrets/key/cert management

    Example of an Open Telemetry trace of a Layer7 API policy in Jaeger (collected automatically via cluster wide property configuration):

    Example of an additional Telemetry Metrics assertion that can be included explicitly in policy (included with custom gateway image deployed with Layer7 Operator example):

    Experimental Features

    An early access progressive delivery feature that was rapidly developed by Layer7 and offered to customers for experimentation. Not intended for production use. Depending on user feedback, experimental features may be altered in or removed from future releases.

    Layer7 support is not available. Users are encouraged to share feedback in Layer7 Communities as responses to this thread

    Not only is the Layer7 Operator experimental, but the Open Telemetry example also requires an experimental version of the Layer7 API Gateway. Neither is ready for production use until they are advanced to Limited Availability or General Availability.

    Ben Urbanski
    Product Manager, API Gateway
    Layer7 API Management