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  • 1.  Error with OAUTH 2.0 in Service Desk

    Posted Sep 23, 2022 09:21 AM
    Good morning All, I hope you are well

    We are using Service Management r17.3.11

    Using IMAP4, with OAUTH 2.0 fail with next message:

    For the configuration process, we did the next procedures:

    1. Enable of OAUTHProcessor:

    2. Configuration in Azure and Service Management:

    3. Configuration of OAUTH Settings

    Could you help us to configure correctly this?

    Thanks in advance

  • 2.  RE: Error with OAUTH 2.0 in Service Desk

    Posted Sep 24, 2022 11:00 AM
    You need two certificates in the CA Certificate Path (one for Outlook and the other for OAuth processing), space separated. I have attached both (the outlook_root.cer should match the certificate you are already using).


    Lindsay Estabrooks
    Principal Consultant
    IT-EDU Consultants LLC


  • 3.  RE: Error with OAUTH 2.0 in Service Desk

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Oct 10, 2022 06:23 AM
    scope field should contain:


    If Offline_access is not provided in scope, refresh token obtained while "Generating Access Token" will be null and we cannot refresh the token next time when the access token is expired.