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Designated Upgrade Weekends for FY24

  • 1.  Designated Upgrade Weekends for FY24

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 08, 2023 05:33 PM
    Edited by Shannon Hebert Dec 08, 2023 05:33 PM
    Hi Automic Automation Community,
    As you know, the End of Service date for the 12.3 version is approaching and will arrive on January 31, 2024. Broadcom Support is here to help you best prepare for your upgrade event if you still need to upgrade to a version 21 release.
    • Please reach out to us 2 - 4 weeks before your upgrade through a Support ticket and upload your upgrade plans so we can review them and give feedback based on best practices and what we've learned while working with hundreds of other customers.
    • Here's a great guide to get you started on your v21 upgrade planning. Please review it if you still need to Link.
    • We'll want to know the following details: 
      • What version are you upgrading from?
      • What version are you upgrading to?
      • What is your planned maintenance window - date/time?
      • Upload your detailed upgrade plan (which hopefully you've had the opportunity to test in lower environments before production).
    Broadcom Automic Automation Support will be staffed on the following weekends to answer all upgrade-related questions you may have and, of course, jump in to guide if challenges/errors arise, with the primary goal of ensuring an efficient and successful upgrade to our latest version 21 release.
    Please sign up here or create a Support case to let us know you're interested in participating with us. 
    • Jan 13 - 14
    • Jun 22 - 23
    • Aug 24 - 25
    Thank you,

    Shannon Hebert
    Head of AOD Automation Support
    Broadcom Software | Agile Operations Division