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Component info of uni* commands

  • 1.  Component info of uni* commands

    Posted 11 days ago
    Dear All,

    I am trying to figure out where the component list that is used by uni* command stored?

    We have a shadow scheduler server and the unifstat gives the following output:

    CA Services Status Report

    Component Name Pid Status
    ------------------------------------ ------- --------------
    WAAE Web Server (LAB) 1907 running
    WAAE Agent (waaesvr91_LAB) 1438 running
    WAAE Scheduler (LAB) - not active
    WAAE Application Server (LAB) - not active

    But in reality both the app server as well as sched are running.

    waadm@waaesvr91 ~]$ autosyslog -e

    Monitoring shadow event schedular output file:

    *** To break out type control-c (^c) ***

    [01/25/2023 17:28:01] ----------------------------------------
    [01/25/2023 17:30:00] ----------------------------------------
    [01/25/2023 17:31:00] ----------------------------------------
    [01/25/2023 17:32:00] ----------------------------------------

    Not sure if the result of unifstat is correct on a shadow server.

    Any thoughts?

    P Verghese