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2023 Designated Upgrade Weekend Events for Automation

  • 1.  2023 Designated Upgrade Weekend Events for Automation

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 27, 2023 10:44 AM

    Hi All,

    You've heard about our Designated Upgrade Weekend Events within our monthly recent Automation Newsletters and Office Hours Events. 

    Our Automic Designated Upgrade Weekends dates remaining for 2023 for Automic Automation, Automation Intelligence, Applications Manager, and Dollar Universe are:
    * June 24th
    * Sept 23rd (updated date)

    Autosys Workload Automation production upgrades on weekends:
    * June 10th
    * August 12th

    Please sign up if you want to upgrade your Production environment on one of our Support and Engineering staffed weekend dates mentioned above. If you cannot access the signup form above, you may notify Support by creating a Sev 4 case with your maintenance plans attached.

    Thank you,


    Shannon Hebert
    Head of AOD Automation Support
    Broadcom Software | Agile Operations Division