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  • Application Performance Management Tools Are Evolving

    With the increased complexity of today’s modern applications and the growing need to deliver a near-flawless customer experience - traditional Application Performance Management (APM) solutions often fall short in delivering the visibility needed to fix problems before they impact the end-user. Instead, APM solutions must evolve to include AIOps capabilities to spot anomalies earlier, predict behavior, and enable informed automatic corrective actions.

    Read our new definitive guide today to learn how AIOps is changing the APM market. 

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  • Interested in learning more about the latest features of DX APM? Our product experts have put together a variety of new videos to help you gain the most value out of our solution and get started with new features including AIOps, bussiness payload analyzer, ...

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  • Hi  Jörg, Thanks for update. We also downloaded the suggested file.  I can see there are 2 files, which I need to extract. Kindly update supported version of CentOS as per files . Also it will be nice if you can share the details steps for installation ...

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  • Hi Team, Good Day!! We have tried to instrument the eBilling application twice but in vain. In the 1st attempt,we found http header error. So disabled the http backend bundle and created a new package and tried for the 2nd time. But this time after ...

  • Hello, Below the list of the most accessed KBs over June. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/142KkVfsdJU5bkTLZcKFTqbu4uBoIBmTx7MQnQUcMrNw/edit#gid=0 Thanks, Gustavo.

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  • DX APM now offers support for OpenTracing through the universal monitoring agent. Get all the details by reading our latest blog from Srikant Noorani.  With organizations embracing microservices and cloud, applications have become ever more complex ...

  • Over the recent years, APM solutions have been   undergoing an evolution   - implementing AI/ML, digital experience monitoring and adapting to support modern microservices and cloud-native applications.  Along with the new challenges that modern applications ...

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