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  • Hi Catalin, I understood that Spectrum can trigger Major , Critical and Minor alarms but my concern here is that we have bunch of Critical, High and Medium devices on basis that we need alarms irrespective of device. for example if the device is Critical ...

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  • Posted in: DX NetOps

    Hi All, So I see that the Situations to Watch Report is no longer documented in version 22.2, so does anyone know what is replacing it? ------------------------------ KR, Chris ------------------------------

  • Posted in: DX NetOps

    Hello NetOps users. We are happy to announce new Wi-Fi Health Pie Charts that are recently released 22.2.6. The Pie Charts help understand the overall state of your wireless devices and to troubleshoot issues. On the right from the charts themselves ...

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  • https://academy.broadcom.com/blog/network-operations/dx-netops/optimize-your-noc-with-dx-netops-and-automic-automation?interests=automic-automation Learn how Automic can help NetOps speed up triage, reduce MTTR, and alleviate the load on your NOC ...

  • Leverage DX NetOps network monitoring software metric projections to manage demands for IT resources proactively and cost-effectively. Capacity is a finite resource, so your IT Team needs to carefully analyze current and future use case scenarios ...