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  • As long as the device is active in Spectrum (model state) and is in an IP Domain global collection, it should be synced to Portal for that IP domain. If you choose to sync lifecycle state changes, you should see the Portal device in Maint also.

  • Did you try this?

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  • Posted in: DX NetOps

    Hello - I am trying to troubleshoot some CPU monitoring woes with Cisco Catalyst devices. If I understand the documentation, there's some "intelligence" or similar applied to SwCiscoIOS, Cat_38xx, etc model types for CPU monitoring. It appears to ...

  • Posted in: DX NetOps

    Hi Community, We would like to create Availability report for devices which are discovered in Spectrum to represent on the geo map in Grafana. If any one has done this before, please suggest! Thank you in advance! ------------------------------ ...

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  • By Serge Lucio, Broadcom VP and GM of Agile Ops. Should SOCs and NOCs converge into one function? Many are asserting, Yes. While there is some technology overlap, these teams clearly have different priorities and expertise. Instead, accelerate collaboration ...

  • Network operations centers (NOCs) play a critical role in any organization’s operational and business continuity. To meet their vital charters, NOC teams must constantly strive to maintain uninterrupted network availability and to minimize the business ...