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  • Sara, I do not believe you can do this inside of Spectrum itself. You could write a CLI script to show attributes on the hpicfVsfVCMemberAdminPriority attribute. Have the script count the number of entries returned and then update a custom attribute ...

  • Sara, My first recommendation is to self certify the devices. https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-enterprise-software/it-operations-management/spectrum/10-4-2/managing-network/certifications/self-certification.html You can also use an Event Condition ...

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    Download the attached PDF brochure to: Learn how to get your FREE passes on behalf of Broadcom Links to our three vendor sessions so you can add them to your calendar Registration information and much more!! ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi community, Some ports are showing "<unknown>" entries in Oneclick when I check the attribute CollectionsModelNameString (0x12adb): I thought that a SS restart should fix it, but it didn't. So I took the long path: Stop SS, restore DB, reboot ...

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  • Broadcom Showcases Industry’s First AI-Driven Network Monitoring Solution Powered by Next-Generation Silicon and Telemetry at ONUG Fall 2020 Broadcom is proud to sponsor ONUG Fall 2020 and will be showcasing its DX NetOps network ...

  • The lack of alignment between the business and IT is one of the main reasons why digital transformation initiatives do not realize their full potential. Particular, network operations teams need advanced capabilities from network monitoring tools to ...

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