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  • I think I found it..  it would be Process[OpName].QueryResults.ResultSets[0].Rows[0].variable (where variable would be the column name). br ken

  • Hello and Good Morning. Request assistance as to how to assign the query result to a variable in PAM.  The query database was successful and was able to retrieve the data from the DB but can seem to assign it to a variable and getting  "" ...

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  • Hi. Are there any plans to provide a container based version of Process Automation to be able to run PA with docker / kubernetes / openshift? Thanks and regards ...Michael

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  • I'd like to request that the Rest API /v2/processinstances Method return the Duration Status (as shown in the Operations tab) or at least the two thresholds (slaViolationTime and slaWarningTime) so that the status can be calculated.  We would like to ...