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  • Hello Community, the problem is solved. With the help of wireshark on the SDM server is was able to see that the SDM unsuccessfully wants to connect to the EEM server. The reason was a wrong value in the option "caextwf_eem_hostname".

  • Hello Community, i am trying to integrate the CA ITPAM 4.3.05 with CA SDM 17.3. I have configured the ITPAM Options in SDM but when i want to create a new Macro (Type: Execute CA IT PAM Action) i get a "Delayed Server Response" message when i try to ...

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  • Hi All, In present market automation is hot key and Automation + Cloud is hottest key. However ITPAM still not supported cloud native services and due to this we are unable to propose and implement. Below are the highlights and issue that we are facing ...

  • I'd like to see the Orchestration Domain be governed by a configurable limit on the number of concurrent workflows in execution. If any request to start a new workflow (either locally through the UI, or externally through the "ExecuteProcess" API) exceeds ...

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  • Broadcom is pleased to invite you to participate in the IT Process Automation 4.3 SP05 V alidation Program . Your participation offers you the ability to validate/access Pre-Release Broadcom Software for IT Process Automation in your own environment, ...

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