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  • Hello Community, On Monday we updated all our communities to allow people to raise either a "Question" or start a "Discussion" with community members. The intention is to make it easier for members to raise and find answers to specific questions but ...

  • Apllications Manager V8 is in End Of Support since 2018. The current release is AM 9.3. Some Customers environments still are in V8 and we need to advise to upgrade your environments in v9 before 01/01/2021. Why? There is a limitation in AM V8, the scheduling ...

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  • Hi , We are studied if we can submit request to our Uipath installation by Web Service. We try to used the OAUTH anthentification by it failed . Request to manager: technical error. Java Manager error. An internal server error occured. Please check the ...

  • Hello, I'm opening this thread on behalf of our apps/operations team.  We would like to know the uproc/uprocs that were set up in UVC Email Notification section to send job completion/abort email to a specific recipient.  We have lot of uprocs, and ...