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  • Merci beaucoup Domenico JE vais étudier cette seconde solution. De : Domenico Cotugno via Broadcom

  • Bonjour Eric, Il est absolument possible de faire un upgrade in situ d'un environnement Dollar Universe directement vers la v7 de la v6.8.41. Quelques notes à observer: - UVC et UVMS doivent être upgradé en même temps puisque la v7 (et la 6.10.10x) ...

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  • My apologies -- I double-posted -- please ignore and reference my question instead (same as below) Hi, We had a situation where a process was set up back in 2012. Appworx Calendar shows it was last run in Dec 2020 (and we just noticed this) But ...

  • Hi All, You've heard about our Designated Upgrade Weekend Events within our monthly recent Automation Newsletters and Office Hours Events. Our Automic Designated Upgrade Weekends dates remaining for 2023 for Automic Automation, Automation ...