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  • Apllications Manager V8 is in End Of Support since 2018. The current release is AM 9.3. Some Customers environments still are in V8 and we need to advise to upgrade your environments in v9 before 01/01/2021. Why? There is a limitation in AM V8, the scheduling ...

  • We have a wildcard cert for our different Development, Test and Production environments. My cert admin gave me a crt file. I used the following commands cd data keytool -import -alias appworxd -file appworxd.crt -keypass xyz -keystore user_keystore ...

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  • Hello, I have recently seen an odd behavior in my production, and i would like to have some feedback about this. I have this uproc called PE_EXP_XDN that waits for the completion of PE_EXP_XA1. So far so good. Things starts to get interesting when ...

  • I'm working with Appworx (ie. Autonomic Application Manager) version 9.3.2 -- We recently upgraded from version 9.1.3 where the Maximum run time notification worked perfectly. In the current version it does not seem to work at all. Does anyone ...

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