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  • Your feedback in this survey on dashboards and analytics   will impact how the Automic Dashboard will look like in the future.   We would like to learn about how you work with dashboards, what you are currently missing and understand all the small ...

  • Hi, We currently have Applications Manager 9.2.1 in AIX with an agent in AIX jobsub and an database link to oracle 11g. However, due to lack of support of jobsub in AIX, we have to migrate our jobsub server from AIX to a new REHL server soon. Shall ...

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  • Applications Manager 9.3.0 has been released on March 21, 2019 and is available for download. Applications Manager 9.3.0 - Bug Fixes, Known Issues and files are available for download here. Please note that this Applications Manager ...

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  • License Key Checks Removed The requirement for a License Key based on customer contracted entitlement was removed from the products in V12.2.2.  This was for a number of reasons: Multiple Customer requests Customer survey feedback ...

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