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  • Your feedback in this survey on dashboards and analytics   will impact how the Automic Dashboard will look like in the future.   We would like to learn about how you work with dashboards, what you are currently missing and understand all the small ...

  • Hi Brian, Thank you so much for your detailed answer! We will check the options you mentioned and will test the command line ; let's see. I'll keep you informed. Best regards, Agnès ------------------------------ SAP Service Delivery Manager - Scheduling ...

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  • Posted in: Automic Community

    Hi All, We are on AE 12.2.0, quick question on the execution of any workflow(JOBP or JOBS), Can you please let me know how to execute the JOBP based on the previous run execution of same JOBP (only if the previous run is successful, this job should ...

  • Posted in: Automic Community

    Dear Community, I just saw that other job schedulers are warning to Upgrade to Oracle 12 R1 because of performance issues with CLOBs. It seems that SecureFiles of Oracle 12 R1 are ignoring t he setting to store CLOBS "in-row" when using SecureFiles ...

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  • Being a Site Reliability Engineer is not an easy job. You have to handle application deployments, configuration, monitoring, and more, so that everything works effortlessly in production. Triage, troubleshooting, remediation, and support are, for the ...

  • Today’s digital business makes data no longer just the exhaust emanating from operational systems. It is an essential ingredient to every business, underpinning decision making on everything from your customers and sales, to finance and support. Your ...

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