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Enhancing APM version support predictability 

May 31, 2018 04:10 AM

At CA, we strive to provide clear information about when product versions reach the end of their support periods. Surprises and emergency upgrade events are certainly an undesirable experience.


Currently, CA APM has all its end of service dates stated on support.ca.com. Historically, we have not issued end of service dates sooner than one year after the point of announcement, and have typically provided even longer advanced notice.


Now, we would like to give you even better predictability of the end of service date for new released versions and unify the end of service announcement experience across the CA product portfolio.


We plan to announce the end of service date for a version of CA APM at the moment of its general availability (GA) release, coincident with the release announcement. This will provide the best possible predictability about the supported lifecycle of a given version and enable our customers to plan their upgrades with correspondingly improved visibility.


You will see more end of service announcements during this year for prior released APM versions, followed by an end of service date announcement alongside the next major APM release.


Do not forget to try the APM SaaS solution, where you don’t need to care about upgrades or end of service dates and you can benefit from an always up-to-date APM version maintained by the CA.

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