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Tuesday Tip: RESTful Web Services on the WAAE (Autosys) Scheduler and Oracle RAC 

Sep 24, 2014 02:56 PM

If you are experiencing the error below in your waae_webservices.log then it's possible this will pertain to you.


[AEConnMgr Monitor] ERROR - createEntityManager [EventServer_1] -> IllegalStateException encountered.




The WAAE RESTful webservice utilizes a direct JDBC connection to the backend Oracle. WAAE AppServer and Scheduler utilize OCI client libraries to resolve and connect to DB instances. During WAAE installation if you specify a ServiceName then the local OCI tnsnames.ora must be able to resolve that Service Name to an Oracle server:port:instance reference. However the RESTful webserver will utilize a JDBC connect string with similar parameters in a SID (Service ID) format. If the remote TNSListener cannot resolve that reference on connect then you may receive the error listed above. You can adjust the connect string to the proper format by updating the following file:




Edit this line:  oracle.connection.string=jdbc:oracle:thin:@${servername}:${port}/${dbname}




                                oracle.connection.string=jdbc:oracle:thin:@${servername}:${port}/<Your Oracle RAC Service Name>


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