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CA Tuesday Tip: How to Handle a Hung Import 

May 19, 2015 11:10 AM



This document applies to all supported versions of Release Automation.


Oftentimes application designed in Automation Studio (ASAP) need to be exported and then imported elsewhere. Sometimes, the exported application may be large (5-10mb and beyond may be considered large) due to it containing many actions and flows, in which case the import into Studio may take quite a bit of time. Under certain circumstances, however, the application may hang on import indefinitely, even after reaching 99% completion.  This week's tip will provide suggestions for resolving such a scenario.




  • There may be a network connection problem between the workstation running ASAP and the NAC.
  • Problems with java may interfere with the import.
  • Insufficient hardware resources can prevent a successful import.




Depending on which of the above possible causes may be at the root of the issue, one or more of the following solutions may apply:


  • Test import on another workstation. If it succeeds, there may be a network communication problem with the problematic workstation.
  • Check firewall settings to ensure communication between the workstation and NAC is not blocked.
  • Run the import from the NAC machine itself. If the import still fails, the problem is likely with the NAC, not the workstation.
  • Clear the java cache on the affected workstation. (From the command line, run "javaws -uninstall".)
  • Ensure the workstation is running a supported version of java. If the import succeeds on another workstation, ensure both workstations are running the same version of java.
  • Check resource consumption and see if too much RAM and/or CPU is being consumed during the import. More resources may need to be allocated to the workstation.
  • Verify enough time has been given for the import to complete. A large import file may take 24hrs or more to import.

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