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Account certification task always defaults to EAdmin 

12-22-2015 04:16 AM


When creating an account certification campaign, the task is always defaults to the task list of EAdmin (or equivalent configured).



This is a known issue which is easily fixed.

Here is the procedure:


  1. Please make sure all your model data has accounts and Users are populated already with Manager ID.
  2. In the portal access Administration => Workflow Settings => Workflow Process Mapping (Workflow Process Mapping.png screenshot).
  3. Add a custom process for Account Certification in the “Add Process Mappings” Section and click on “Add” button (Add Custom Process.png).
  4. The screen populates with default mappings, change the first mapping to “UCertUAcc” process "Certify user account link (Certify User Account Link.png).
  5. Go to Certification Templates and take a copy of Account certification Template for particular universe which you want to create the certification (Certification Template.png).
  6. Go to “Reviewers” tab and change the Process mapping as below and save the template (Set Mapping.png).
  7. Create the Certification for the Universe with the custom template which you have created above (New Campaign.png).
  8. You can observe that all accounts are going to “SuperAdmin” (Manager) (New Assignment.png).

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