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Tech Tip: VAIM Mixed Authentication access to Database 

Mar 05, 2015 10:19 AM



I just wanted to clarify above what the manual states in this section:


Installation Guide

Page 31

How to Adjust SQL Server User Permissions to the required minimum.


This is for the database using mixed authentication.


The user must be part of the administrators group when install is being done and after.



1. VAIM Services


These services should be set to the Windows user.


CA SM Domain Server

CA SM Distribution Server

CAAIP Tomcat

CAAIP Apache

Active MQ


And keep the rest of the services as they are using system account etc.

With the exception of CA AIP SSH Server which uses sshdUser.



2. UAC

For the created user for the VAIM server Disable UAC Notification, Setup UAC notification to be Never.



3. If you have a message about DPMsystray....

   The DPMsystray is just the CA Icon in the taslk bar that can be used to check for new patches etc.

   It's not essential but if you wanted to use it then in dos:


cd \program files\ca\virtualassurance\bin

dpmsystray -install



Hope this helps,





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