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Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Improvements In Jazz (15.4.1) 

Jun 06, 2018 06:02 AM

1 Introduction

CA PPM Jazz release or otherwise called service pack 15.4.1, is as fantastic as its name. It contains some new features into it, which will be great to improve new user experience.

The list of features is as follows:

  1.       Top Down Planning (Roadmapping enhancements)
  2.       Project Management enhancements
  3.       Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse related enhancements
  4.       User Feedback enhancements

The detailing is as following:

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse related enhancements

  •      OOTB Jaspersoft reports support for relative date in filters
  •      Improved Data Warehouse ETL job performance
  •      New Stored Procedure to clear trending Data

Project Management enhancements

  •      Staff module in project
  •      Cross-Projects Tasks Grid
  •      Added ‘% Complete’ visual for Project Tiles

Top Down Planning (Roadmapping enhancements)

  •      Targets (in grid-layout)
  •      Side-by-side scenario comparisons (in timeline layout)
  •      Import roadmap items into projects
  •      Link projects to existing roadmap items
  •      Sync roadmap items with Projects

User Feedback enhancements

  •      OBS filter on Review & Approve/Timesheet List
  •      Open for Time Entry filter for Add Work in timesheets
  •      Timesheets Notifications directly link to New UX timesheet
  •      Option to display timesheet attestation alert upon timesheet submission
  •      Investment hierarchy multi-currency support extended to Export to Excel
  •      The ‘peanut butter spread’ of hours in New UX timesheet


 Description of Detailing:


  1. Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse related enhancements
  •     The Relative Dates:

This feature was included by Jaspersoft. After that it has been included in all the Out of the box report from CA to use relative dates in the input parameter.

Now, the filter can be applied to Month+1, Week-2 etc.

  •     Improved Data Warehouse ETL job performance:

The changes are specially in the area of how the MVL data is managed.

First change is with respect to Oracle, because the job used to fail when the size of MVL is more than 4000 characters. Earlier, the List Aggregate function was used that didn’t handle the size in concatenation well. That has been replaced and the job will not fail if the MVL size exceeds 4000 characters.

Second change is regarding the Load Data Warehouse Incremental job where the job used to fail on update of MVL data. So, now the change is that whether the full load is run or the incremental, the MVL data will be re-populated.

From performance perspective, re-population of MVL data is not impacting it whether it is a full load or incremental.

  •     New Stored Procedure to clear trending Data:

Earlier, whenever the DWH was out of sync from PPM, users generally used to load the gold copy and then, populate the DWH data. After introduction of Trending, whenever a gold copy was loaded and data was populated, all the trending data would be lost. it started resulting in Data Warehouse job failure as the PPM schema already had the data of trending. So, a new stored procedure has been provided to clear the trending data.


Documents on other modules are on the way. Stay Tuned !!!

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