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Duanes Incident Timer calc 

Apr 30, 2015 08:49 PM

//  Duanes Incident Timer Calc


//  This script is used to create a string field (and metric) that indicates how long an "incident" has been going on, and can display it on a live dashbaord


// metrics will appear under the Custom Metric Host, under a tab called "Alert_timer"


// When an alert is open, start counting the number of intervals it has been open


// When the alert goes away, the script will wait 5 minutes before declaring the "incident" has ended (and resetting the timer)


// This ensures that alerts that are "flashing on and off" stay measured by the incident timer


To deploy the script, copy it to the MOM, place it in thwe <Introscope x.x>/scripts folder, and rename it to incident_timer.js


Pro tip: Use the "StringViewer" widget to view the live timer.  The it's much easier to get rid of the scollbars, resulting in a cleaner look.

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Nov 04, 2015 07:27 PM

Open Console, pick the dashboard, then “edit dashboard”



You have to add a String Viewer to the dashboard



and set the data field to the <alert name>_timer_text for that alert.


Select Metric, then the alert you want the timer for



On the Miscellaneous tab “remove labels or legend”



Then re-size it so it looks nice.

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