Announcement: CA DocOps SSO Enhancement for CA PPM SaaS 14.x/15.x (Planned for March 11, 2017) 

03-01-2017 09:31 AM


Updated: Unfortunately, the fix attempt is not working for 14.x users. They can still achieve a true SSO solution by registering or using one of the workarounds.

On March 11, 2017, a minor enhancement is planned for the CA On Demand Portal and to address a very specific online help access issue for the following environments:


  • CA PPM SaaS 14.3.x, 14.4.x,, (non-EBF), or 15.2 environments with single sign-on (SSO)
  • CA PPM SaaS (On Demand) Release 14.2 environments are also indirectly able to take advantage of this enhancement


The following configurations are not impacted:

  • CA PPM on-premise customers are not impacted.
  • CA PPM SaaS customers without federated/enterprise SSO are not impacted.
  • CA PPM SaaS or higher releases are not impacted by this change; we estimate this enhancement will be available to those users in a future patch. (Those releases include their own local edition of the docops Help system.)



CA PPM SaaS +SSO business users click the Help link and expect to see the online help available at Instead, a Login or Register page appears. The secure SSO configuration is attempting single sign-on for the user; however, it is unable to authenticate access to when the user is not already registered at



With this enhancement, CA PPM SaaS +SSO user receives immediate access to The Login or Register page no longer appears.


Q: How do I know if I have PPM SaaS with Single Sign-On (SSO)?

A: You typically log into the CA On Demand Portal with the same email address and password credentials as you use to access many of your other company applications.

Your company might also provide seamless SSO access to your CA PPM SaaS instance. In this configuration, you are automatically signed-on. SSO is still taking place, but it is transparent to the user.


Q: Why won't it let me access My Account – My Profile?

A: The enhancement gives you immediate access to the documentation in an SSO environment without the requirement that you register and create a profile. You likely do not have a profile. Moreover, your immediate goal is to view the documentation and not view or edit your profile. As an optional workaround for this minor known issue, click My Account, My Profile only when you want to sign-in with your registered credentials and edit your profile. You are not required to sign in to view the documentation.


Q: Why is this enhancement needed and how does it work?

A: CA PPM administrators and management want secure SSO; however, multiple databases are managing business users. One for CA PPM SaaS and SSO through the portal, and another for registered users who want to access,,, and other content. Business users expressed dissatisfaction with a one-time registration requirement to enable both SSO authentication sources to process the same username in the form of an email address.


Users log in to the CA On Demand portal and access their CA PPM SaaS application in an environment with SSO. (Access may also be simulated.) Their email ID is encrypted and passed to docops when they click Help. Their immediate need for product documentation is no longer blocked by the appearance of the Login or Register page. These users enjoy immediate doc access in an authentication process that simulates SSO; they are never required to remember a username and password to docops although registration at remains an available option for all users.


Q: Why would someone need to register at

A: Certain documentation, exclusive online community content, and other content is restricted to users who take the time to register with CA. Additional registration options are available for access to support, education, and partner content.


Q: When am I required to log in?

A: With this enhancement, after you log in to the CA On Demand portal and access your CA PPM SaaS application, you are never required to log in to access the documentation. Your basic account registration at is still required for access to create, edit, and comment features in the online communities and a support account at is still required for access to additional support resources.


When you navigate directly to, you are not required to log in. This behavior has been in place since inception. For example, in a new browser session, you can open a new tab and go to However, login is still required to access restricted or advanced sections of the documentation.


Q: What does it mean when this notice states that CA PPM SaaS 14.2 environments are indirectly able to take advantage of this enhancement?

A: The Help link in CA PPM 14.2 remains hard-coded to open the CA PPM 14.2 Documentation Bookshelf, the popular collection of HTML and PDF documentation that was available when the product was released. However, 14.2 users can access the latest documentation for 14.2 and future releases on This planned enhancement is experienced whenever users log into CA PPM SaaS through SSO on the CA On Demand Portal. Instead of clicking Help, a CA PPM SaaS 14.2 user could open a new browser window and navigate to  where they will enjoy seamless access to the entire updated doc set.


Updated: This section no longer applies.


Q: Why must or higher customers wait until a future patch ( to get this enhancement?

A: Customers on received a special immediate redirect to a local HTML doc set to avoid the Login or Register requirement. Please allow time for CA global development and engineering teams to package code in a future patch to reverse the local HTML documentation patch fix introduced in and replace functionality with restored access to

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03-28-2017 11:46 AM

We appreciate your patience as we continue to invest in identifying another solution for our CA PPM 14.x SaaS+SSO users besides registering to allow secure single sign-on to take place. 


CA PPM SaaS 14.x users with SSO can maintain seamless access to related content including communities (this site),, and by registering. Use the same username (email address) when you register. One-time registration is the best way to preserve your secure browsing session and enjoy a better user experience in environments with SSO enabled.


To register, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Sign In.
  3. Click Register Now.
  4. For a basic access account, enter a name, email address, alias/screen name of your choice, and password. Use the same username (email address) when you register.
  5. Click the Register Now button at the bottom of the page.

You now have complete access to the updated content available at You can log in to, use your CA PPM SaaS application with SSO, and click Help to access the content at

Tip: All users must register to view the complete documentation set and to take advantage of special features including saving PDFs or posting comments. Registering also enables users to engage with their fellow community members here in the online community.

03-23-2017 11:19 AM

Community members are invited to share their feedback about this architecture change to enable this feature in PPM 15.x SaaS environments with SSO only:

Help Feature for CA PPM 15.1/15.2 SaaS Customers with SSO 

Thank you.

03-17-2017 03:37 PM

We'd like to thank customers for continuing to share their feedback with us about how they are experiencing the interplay between their CA product, the CA On Demand portal, and related sites. The docops fix has been live for a full week. The new CA PPM 15.x environments including the new user experience in CA PPM 15.2 responded well to the architecture change; however, older 14.3 and 14.4 servers are unable to generate a secure cookie, a primary component in the seamless customer experience from the secure portal to a secure docops session. The team is actively assessing the OFC, including alternative ways to generate the OFC on Siteminder Agent 6.5 in a way that aligns with 15.x running 12.x agents.


In the meantime, one or more of the following online help workarounds are available for the 14.3/14.4 SaaS customer:

  • Navigate to and click Register. Complete at least a basic account registration using the same email address used for your PPM SaaS portal session. That enables SSO to occur when you click Help from inside CA PPM SaaS in the portal.
  • Open a separate browser tab and go to docops before logging in to the OD portal.
  • Periodically download a PDF or ePub of the doc set or just the sections you use the most.
  • Access from a mobile device. 

03-01-2017 12:02 PM

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