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CA UIM Integration: Flexible CI Mapping 

08-26-2016 03:13 PM

As an Administrator learn how to identify the CI types with their descriptions and map them to CA SOI.

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08-29-2016 06:20 PM

Thank you Daniel for your valuable input - in addition to Michael's response, I will also ensure we don't use Text To Speech in future videos.  



08-29-2016 08:23 AM

Hi Dan,


the contents of the video shows the condensed version of the task to (re)-map specific UIM CI-classes to SOI CI-classes.

There is more detailed information available:


Be happy if you don't have the task to perform these steps - then you can simply stick to the default configuration .

If you come across the scenario that you want to map additional granular objects coming from UIM (which are not part of the default configuration), let me know and we can go through the steps in detail.

A technical Community Session to cover this topic in more detail and interactively is also planned.



08-27-2016 09:07 AM

hi Dan,  lol to the ROBOT voice....   No, in all seriousness - I thank you for your feedback - because I know you provide it in the spirit of pushing us to always improve.. I will take it back to the team and ask that they consider and comment. 

08-26-2016 04:34 PM

That was awful. What does this even do for me as a SOI Administrator? Have someone actually talk and explain instead of the r-o-b-o-t voice guy. There is no explaining what benefits this provides me or why I would need to do this. 

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