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CCI on Unix/Linux consuming a large amount of CPU 

Jun 13, 2016 09:41 AM

When running the “topas”  command on AIX , 3 CCI processes are consuming 100% of CPU in total.


Process names are:


                -  ccirmtd  with 48.7 %

               -   caiccid   with 25.5 %

              -    ccijimd   with 24.5 %




By running the ‘rmtcntrl status’ command, we found that CCI remote process (ccirmtd.exe) tried to initiate a connection to itself on “localhost”


   Sysid              State


Localhost     INACT RETRY




An easy workaround is to add such "localhost"  entry in the ccirmtd.prf file:


LOCAL = aixserver1 aixserver1 32768 startup

REMOTE = localhost localhost 32768 nostart retry=0


Then you have to recycle CCI  with:


"unisrvcntr stop CA-CCS"


ensure there is no remaining cci process running, otherwise kill them


"unisrvcntr start CA-CCS"


After subsequent startup, the “rmtcntrl status” command is going to display this new line:


   Sysid              State

.../....             ../..

Localhost     INACT NORETRY


This above line means there won't be any CCI retry to reconnect this "localhost" and the CPU usage will be normal and stable


Note: if you stop CA-CCS components, and the machine is also running Autosys, you'll have to bounce Autosys to re-establish the communication between Autosys and CA-CCS components

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