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Example Host action to pass variables to Javelin/Ada 

Nov 14, 2017 09:13 AM

ProjectID, Publish Job ID and User will be passed on as variables to a Javelin workflow, which uses those variables to query the gtrep repository to retrieve the mail address of the requester and the published data.


Step 1: Register object

Step 2: Create Generator

Step 3: Create data generator rules for selected object

Step 4: Store the generated columns in the Publish 

Step 5: Add Post Publish Action of type HOST with following command and replace <filepath> with the actual file path

<filepath>\javelincall.bat ~LD_ID~ ~PUBJOBID~ ~USER~

Step 6: Create javelincall.bat with the lines below and replace <filepath> with the actual file path

echo Name,Value,Scope>> <filepath>\%2.csv
echo "VDataPoolNumber","%1","Flowchart">> <filepath>\%2.csv
echo "VUser","%3","Flowchart">> <filepath>\%2.csv
echo "VPublishJobID","%2","Flowchart">> <filepath>\%2.csv

cd C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\AgileDesignerAutomator\
AdAExecutor.exe "C:\temp\Javelin\Mail.vwf" <filepath>\%2.csv

Step 7: Alter the sql connection setting in Mail.vwf for both SQL Queries to reflect your environment

Step 8: Alter the mail server details in Mail.vwf for EmailActivityEx to reflect your environment

(When using papercut utility to act as a local mail server, the settings in EmailActivityEx do not have to be altered)


Once all of the above is set up, each publish operation for that generator will result in a mail being sent to the requester with the stored column values as generated.


Note: Both Italic lines might need to be altered depending on your version of Javelin/Ada.

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