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CA Tuesday Tip: (CA 7) Getting data set requirements 'back in sync' 

Jul 14, 2015 08:51 AM

Hello, and Happy Tuesday to all.


Have you ever had jobs and their data set requirements get ‘out of sync’?  Maybe a data set requirement got manually posted before it actually ran and from that point, you find that the job does not wait for the data set creation any longer.


There is a command you can enter in CA 7 to get them in sync. 




What this command does is to remove the last update date and time from the CA 7 database.  This is the date and time that is used to determine if a data set requirement is initially satisfied.  The CTLG command above will remove the latest entry (if you need to remove more, you can do the command more than once). 


You can see the last three dates and times that CA 7 got a data set update record with the command:




To see the date and time that is used for initial requirement satisfaction for a job, do an LJOB command and note the LAST RUN DATE/TIME.


Next week—how to get a job requirement ‘back in sync’.


Until next time—Bye,Y’all



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