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Domains in Multi-Port Collector 

Aug 08, 2014 01:12 AM

Beginning with MTP 10.0, support was added for Domains.  Domains are configured in CA PC / NPC.  MTP retrieves the domain configuration information via web service requests from the ADA console. 

If ADA is configured with multiple domains, a new ‘Domain’ field is displayed in the Analysis tab Global Filters.  The default setting for this field is ‘All’.  This Domain filter is only visible when multiple domains are configured. Domains with overlapping IP addresses are distinguished in the Analysis tab.  Drill-down from ADA selects the proper domain. Domain names in parentheses are added to a dotted-decimal IP if the domain is other than ‘Default Domain’ and there is no server name configured in ADA.  The same is true for the “Catch All” network name.


The Analysis tab also enforces permissions to domains.

  • Data shown on the Analysis tab is limited to the domain(s) to which the user has permission. The user has permission to view a Domain in MTP if they have permission in CA PC to any network or server in that domain.  MTP does not support finer granularity for permissions (i.e. CA PC “groups”).
  • If the user has Admin product privilege, there is no restriction on access to the MTP UI Administration tab (including the Logical Ports page).  This behavior is consistent with ADA.  To truly restrict the data that a user can see, do not give that user Admin product privilege.


As with other Global Filters, the list of possible values shown in the Global Filter dialog box is based on a fruitful search of those domains represented in the data shown in the Analysis tab data table. 

If a domain is configured in CA PC/NPC but is not listed in the MTP Global Filters dialog, there are a couple possible reasons:

  1. The logged-in user does not have permission to that domain.
  2. The MTP has not collected any data for that domain for the timeframe set on the Analysis tab.

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