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Build and Run Container Gateway with OTK and MAG 

Dec 06, 2018 10:24 AM


Containerization provides tons of conveniences, it allows you run the gateway within any container orchestration tools, such as OpenShift and Kubernetes. In this document, I will share the artifacts and steps to build and run a container gateway with OTK and MAG from the standard container gateway image.



1. You have docker and docker-compose installed and run properly on your docker host. If you are using Kubernetes or OpenShift, please make sure your Kubernetes/OpenShift environment runs properly.

2. Please get a valid license for enterprise gateway and mobile api gateway.

3. Please make sure your disk has at least 500M space.



1. Download the artifacts from attachment, and unzip it.

2. Move the two license files to folder ./ssg94otk42mag41/license/

3. Run the following commands to build and run the gateway! 

    # cd ssg94otk42mag41

    # docker-compose build

    # docker-compose up -d

    Note that in this process, it will automatically pull gateway 9.4, then install OTK 4.2 and MAG 4.1 for you. Comparing with the previous artifacts I shared earlier, this whole project only use one mysql container to host gateway database, OTK database and MAG database, this allows you run a gateway within a more compact environment. If you want to change your hostname, ports, or load additional bundles, feel free to alter docker-compose file or Dockerfile.


4. Post installation tasks for MAG before it's fully functional.

  • Once the gateway is up, please login to OAuth Manager and update callback URL for MAG Manager and MAG Authorization Server.
  • Open the policy manager and connect to the container gateway, and then:

a. set separate_schemas to true in assertion #OTK Storage Configuration, then save and activate.

b. set enableClientExport to true in assertion #OTK Client Export, then save and activate.

c. set oauth2_server_certificate to AutoTrustSslKey in assertion #OTK Variable Configuration, then save and activate.

d. set AutoTrustSslKey in truested cert store and enable the first four options. 


You are all set! now enjoy your fresh mobile API gateway. If you need to backup during your excise, simply copy the data folder within ./ssg94otk42mag41 to your backup drive, and then you could do whatever you want, and still can get back to the point you were. 


Good luck and happy selling!




The package was created for POC and demo purpose only. It is not supported by CA/Broadcom, please consult your professional service team before putting it in production.



Update on Dec.17, 2018

New package with OTK43 and MAG42 attached, enjoy!

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