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How to change UPM package status thru SQL Queries 

Aug 25, 2015 11:02 AM


At times UPM packages get stuck in one of the many stages the Patch goes thru and the user needs to move the Patch back to an early stage, or if the Patch is Not Applicable and the patch needs to be moved to Pending User Acceptance.


The following SQL Queries can be used to move the Patches to another Status:





Changes the status of All packages in “Packaging” state to “Pending User Acceptance”

      use mdb

  UPDATE ca_install_package SET status=3  WHERE status = 7





Update the status of ONE  Patch back to Pending user Acceptance

  use mdb

UPDATE ca_install_package SET status=3

WHERE sw_def_uuid IN (SELECT sw_def_uuid FROM ca_software_def  where name='<PATCH_NAME>')



To Check the Status of ONE patch:

     use mdb

  select status from ca_install_package

     where sw_def_uuid in (select sw_def_uuid from ca_software_def where name=’<PATCH_NAME>’)



Shows UPM Patches that are in “Packaging”:



    use mdb

   Select * from ca_install_package  WHERE status =7






                Below is a list of all the statuses and the Number Equivalent.

(So if you want to move a patch to Pending User Acceptance, you send that to Status = 3)



STATUS_UNKNOWN                         =    0  Should Never Happen

STATUS_NEW                             =    1  Patch Imported by Import Manager

NOT_APPLICABLE                         =    2  No Instances of the Application it Patches exist on the EM

STATUS_PENDING_USER_ACCEPTANCE         =    3  Waiting for User to Accept or Defer

STATUS_PENDING_WORKFLOW_ACCEPTANCE     =    4  Waiting for Workflow Approval of Acceptance

STATUS_ACCEPTED                        =    5  Accepted by workflow or User, pending packaging

STATUS_DEFERRED                        =    6  Deferred by User

STATUS_PACKAGING                       =    7  Files Downloading

STATUS_DOWNLOAD_FAILED                 =    8  Download Failed

STATUS_TESTING                         =    9  Testing has begun

STATUS_PENDING_APPROVAL                =   10  Waiting for Workflow Approval of Patch

STATUS_APPROVED                        =   11  Approved by workflow or User

STATUS_INACTIVE                        =   12  The Release or Patch is Designated Inactive by ACME

STATUS_DISTRIBUTING                    =   13  The Patch is being Distributed from EM to DM


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