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CA Tech Tip: (CA 11)    Moving or Copying the 601 files for CA 11 with non CA Datacom Utilities 

Jun 14, 2016 01:02 PM

CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers Tuesday Tip by Alisa Puckett, Sr. Support Engineer for  Jun 14, 20156



Because the CA Datacom processing uses proprietary format with its database 

files, it is recommended to  move files using standard CA Datacom utilities

For various reasons such as the number of files, data size, etc.), clients will

sometimes need to use other utilities to move the files.                                                          



When following the rules below non-DBUTLTY DASD utility (e.g. DFDSS, FDRDSF, etc)

can be used to move Datacom areas that are not in use:                                                                             



-- The from/to DASD device type must be the same.  To be specific, the track

   geometry must be identical.                                               

--The size of the new data set must be same as the original data set.  It does

  not need to be allocated at the same location or on the same number of

  extents or volumes.                                                     

--The copy operation must be a byte-for-byte copy without any data compaction

  or data compression.  It must be a full track image.           

--Shutdown all CA 11s and Datacom/AD MUFs.                                                                  



For additional information see tech doc TEC1986276

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