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Oct 10, 2013 04:13 PM

parses information from 'vmstat -s'. UPDATE: changed parsing logic to accommodate all versions of Perl. Previous version required Perl 5.10+

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Mar 17, 2015 10:15 PM


It's negligible the amount of memory between the two when using Perl. If it's a concern, you could always convert the value from KiB to MiB and round up or down.

I figure most would like to keep it as KiB to have a more accurate value.

Mar 17, 2015 09:52 PM

Hi Hiko,

Off the top of your head do you know any impact to switching from IntCounter to LongCounter?

I assume it uses a little more memory and that's about it?

I can raise this with support if you don't have the info in your head



Mar 17, 2015 08:37 PM

Thanks for the shout out and notifying users of this type of error.


The issue is related to those of you who have systems with very large systems. The input value is too large to fit into an integer, so updating the plugin to LongCounter will allow EPA to pass the value along.



Mar 17, 2015 08:17 PM

Thanks again Haruhiko.

Also for any other users if you start encountering errors like this :


[ERROR] [EPAgent] Metric value from plugin 'Plugin VMSTAT' is invalid: For input string: "2449820233"


Then you need to switch out IntCounter variables in the script for LongCounter.

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