CA PPM Notice of Change in Location of Docs for EOL Add-ins (BRM, PPM Essentials, Service Connect...) 

10-02-2017 04:09 PM

As part of our documentation maintenance activities, we will be relocating these end-of-life add-in documentation pages out of our core customer-facing doc sets. Documentation for these EOL add-ins is still available in on-premise and SaaS editions on the CA PPM Support site. (When you click these links, the Release 14.2 documentation bookshelf appears with HTML and PDF content. Valid registration and login required.)


EOL Announcement Originally Published: June 30, 2015
EOL Date: June 30, 2016


  • Business Relationship Manager (BRM Accelerator)
  • Catalyst Connector
  • Connector for Unicenter Asset Portfolio Manager
  • Connector for Unicenter Service Desk and Software Change Manager
  • PPM Essentials Accelerator
  • Service Connect


No changes have been introduced in these EOL add-ins since Release 14.2. Removing these old pages from our new platform helps improve the search results for new and existing customers using supported new releases of CA PPM with supported integrations and add-in content. You can still find the documentation just a few clicks away. We also need to remove them because their status is EOL and customers using our new releases and new documentation platform will not expect these old pages to appear, potentially confusing business users.


Thank you.

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