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Building Group Structures from Scratch or Migrating Them From Other Products 

Mar 19, 2015 04:03 PM

You can build groups to organize your devices, and interfaces you have discovered (or will discover) in CA Performance Management using any scheme such as categorizing them according to geography or logically by department.


I have created this group development aid by providing a number of example groups (CA PM 2.4.1) that have self-documenting names which can be imported directly into your CA Performance Management installation to speed the process of building your group structure. In addition, I have also included group types, rule conditions, and associated keywords in a spreadsheet format for group rule building so that you can easily look up what keyword to use with a specific type of group and rule.


Whether you are building your groups from scratch or are involved in a transformation project of migrating groups from other products, the files in this package will save you some time.

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