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Tech Tips - "Leap Second" Impact on NetQoS: 

Jun 02, 2015 04:17 PM

TecDoc ID:TEC1313756


CA Development has confirmed that we should not anticipate any problems on or around June 30, 2015 relating to the "Leap Second" clock adjustment.  A leap second is added on the last day of June or the last day of December as dictated by the IERS (International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service).  Ideally, all the systems in the World insert the leap second at exactly the same moment.  As we’ve observed in 2008, and most recently 2012, no problems occurred with NetQoS performance or functionality regarding the OS clock adjustments related to the UTC time adjustment.


There is no need for NetQoS Administrators or Users to be concerned with this "Leap Second" (UTC) time adjustment.  Since 1972, such adjustments have become somewhat routine.  In addition, no patches are required, as this is an OS clock adjustment.


So, on June 30 after 23:59:59, instead of resetting to 00:00:00, the world’s atomic clocks will tick to 23:59:60 and then on to the expected 00:00:00 (midnight).


The following is a brief illustration of what happens to some system clocks during this adjustment:

After 23:59:59.9, to add the extra second the time reverts back to in this sequence:







As stated, this will not affect NetQoS's data time stamps related to this adjustment. 

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