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How to configure basic SSH for RHEL 6.5 

Aug 21, 2015 04:53 PM

This configuration guide is based off of the root user.


Go to : cd ~


Execute : ls -la


Go to : cd .ssh  (if this folder does not exist then perform the following code: mkdir .ssh)


Execute : ssh-keygen -t rsa

Enter file in which to save the key: Left default

Enter pass-phrase: Either blank or enter a password.


Execute ssh-copy-id root@hostname


Execute : ls -la

Confirm that you have a authorized_keys file


Should you not execute the following: mv .ssh/authorized_keys


Execute chmod 644 authorized_keys

NOTE: If you grant more permissions than 644 authentication will fail.


execute cd ..

You should now be in the home directory (cd ~)

Execute ls -la


The permissions for .ssh should not exceed 755.

Execute chmod 755 .ssh


execute chmod go-w ~/


Once complete we will confirm we can log in.


Example ssh root@hostname


Note: if everything is done right it should ask you for your passphrase if you configured one. If you didn't you should log straight in.

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