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Automatic Creation of Virtual Services - Using AppTest Test case using Lisa Invoke 2 APIs 

Mar 28, 2019 01:28 AM

The attached MAR file has a simple implementation of a test case that created Virtual Services by invoking LISA Invoke2 API's CreateService method by using a set of RR pairs that are part of the MAR file. 


Steps to create required Virtual Services:

Import the attached MAR file

Keep the number of Instances from 1 to 6. The test is driven using RR pairs present in data folder of the MAR file. I have created 6 sets of input RR pairs, hence keep the instances up to 6 only.

Depending on the number of VS you want to create, just alter the cycle count.

For eg; to create 60 VSE, use the setting below:

image2019-3-27 18:24:24.png

Just run the test case Driver.tst using the stating document that comes with the MAR file and you will be good.

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