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Tech Tip : Upgrade to 2.4 or 2.4.1 requires a script to be run if you have custom certifications or CA Mediation Manager device packs 

02-05-2015 01:25 PM

It is documented in the README that a script needs to be run but details on the script and how to run are not included. The script will be in the location where you unpack the .tar installation file for the DA/DR.


Certification Migration Tool

Upgrading to a new version of Data Aggregator now requires users to run the certification migration tool, which is included in the installer package. The migration tool moves vendor and CA Mediation Manager (CAMM) certifications and metric families to the appropriate directory.

Running the tool is fairly simple and this should be run before upgrading but can be run after.

1.Stop the DA.
/etc/init.d/dadaemon stop

2. Run the tool on the DA.
./opt/IMDataAggregator/jre/bin/java -jar /<LOCATION_TO_TOOL>/camm-tools-cert-migration-2.4.0-RELEASE-123-jar-with-dependencies.jar

3. Restart the DA.
/etc/init.d/dadaemon stop

The certifications should at this point be backed up, and then properly moved OUT of the deploy directory into the new certification folder structure.

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