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Tech Tips: DevTest Portal Error: This Virtual Service does not support Data Protocol editing. 

Apr 11, 2019 02:55 PM


Error in Portal when trying to load the virtual service project (created in Workstation).


Error: This Virtual Service does not support Data Protocol editing. As a result, Data Protocol Handlers and some fields have been disabled. Please use Workstation to edit the Virtual Service Data Protocol Configuration.



There is nothing that can be done with preventing this error if you try to Edit a Virtual Service on the Portal with a DPH. This is functionality that the Portal does not have at this time. If you are using any DPH other than REST or SOAP then it’s not supported on the Portal. To process a virtual service for anything other than the simple HTTP protocols the Workstation must be used.


Additional information found:


If the the recording was done in the Portal, then you can edit the recording file and re-create the VS with a different DPH.


The ones that let us modify are the Generic XML Payload parser, the REST DPH and Request Data Manager. From these three.. just the REST DPH is available in the Portal.


The Generic XML Payload Parser and the Request Data Manager DPHs are not available in the Portal at this time.

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