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Nolio Official KB: Run as User 'Nolio Sudo' Version 

Jul 08, 2014 02:24 PM

Starting from Nolio ASAP V3.3, each action can run with specific user credentials (Please refer to the installation and administration guide for more information) by providing the relevant user and password credentials.
In some cases, the user we want to run as is powerful user (e.g. root user) where it is password restricted and not available. In those cases we can take the advantage of sudo where system administrator give to the Nolio user the ability to run some (or all) commands as root while logging all commands and arguments.
The following steps described the additional steps required to support sudo method (In additional to the minimal requirement to run action as another user), and should be done on every Nolio agent you want to use this method
Server settings
1. Make sure Nolio user configured in the /etc/sudoers
2. Nolio user should not require tty settings in /etc/sudoers (e.g "Defaults !requiretty" will be enabled, and "Defaults requiretty" will be commented out)
Nolio Agent settings
1. Copy the attached "" file (at the bottom of this KB) to Nolio Agent install directory.
2. Modify (Nolio Agent install directory)/conf/ and update the following  argument to
3. Restart Nolio Agent: From (Nolio Agent install directory0 run ./ restart
Action configuration:
1. The username will be the user you would like to use to execute the command
2. The password will be the password of the Nolio user
3. Simple example:
i.      Nolio daemon running with nolioadm user
ii.      Nolio deamon user password is PassWord
iii.      I would like to run script as user wlsadmin
In this case I will configure the username as wlsadmin and the password will be PassWord.


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Jun 08, 2015 04:54 PM

Yes, this is still valid. Tested with 5.5.1 with nolioadm user password and wlsadmin username. Few things to check for:


- nolioadm user has correct rights to run SudoActionsRunner and ActionsRunner

- wlsadmin user has rights to the (Nolio Agent install directory)/lib folder

- ulimit is large enough, in particular open files (-n) and max user processes (-u)

- restart the agent once new ulimit is set

Jun 02, 2015 09:38 PM

Is this still valid for RA5.x?


I tried the sudo setup but the password required has to be from "wlsadmin". Password from "nolioadm" wont work.

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