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Tech Tip - Spectrum/CAPC Integration: After deleting device in Spectrum, model is NOT deleted from CAPC 

02-11-2015 01:19 PM

This is working as designed.


CA decided to keep the element in CAPC for historical reporting reasons.


When CAPC syncs with the Spectrum, it creates a Spectrum device element and if configured will discover device and elements polled by CAPM. When the device is deleted from Spectrum, the Spectrum device is deleted but not the CAPM device. Note that the CAPC system de-dups the devices so even if a device has multiple data sources you only see one device in CAPC.


Further details:

- Add device to Spec; device syncs to CAPC. If it is never discovered by the DA, when its deleted in Spec it should be gone from the CAPC inventory.

- Add device to Spec; device syncs to CAPC; device discovered via DA. When device is deleted in Spec, it will still show in CAPC inventory due to the other DS (the DA) being aware of it. Will remain there until deleted from the DA views also.

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02-22-2015 03:24 PM

Any behavior known when there is a SP device on CAPC & DA which was deleted in SP, and a "new" device with same IP is synced from SP to CAPC & DA?

02-13-2015 10:06 AM

I agree that for some customers it would make sense to have that option indeed. I would recommend to raise an idea on how you would like to see it working. This way we can have it voted by other users and CA Product Management can review and consider an implementation.

02-11-2015 02:45 PM

I understand the reason for the design decision, but instead of CA making the decision for us how about adding in an option for us to sync device deletes as well as adds? 

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