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Tech Tip: Extend the default timeout for a CAPC login 

Dec 07, 2014 10:40 AM

The default timeout for the CAPC login is 20 minutes.


To change this:

In /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter is SsoConfig

Single Sign-On Configuration Tool

Cd /opt/CA/PerformanceCenter



Enter q to quit the program or b to go back to previous menu


SSO Configuration:

1. CA Performance Center

Choose an option > 1


SSO Configuration/CA Performance Center:

1. LDAP Authentication

2. SAML2 Authentication

3. Performance Center

4. Single Sign-On

5. Test LDAP

6. Export SAML2 Service Provider Metadata

Choose an option > 4


SSO Configuration/CA Performance Center/Single Sign-On:

Anonymous User Enabled: Disabled

Anonymous User ID: 2

Localhost User Sign-In Page Enabled: Disabled

Localhost User Enabled: Enabled

Localhost User ID: 1

Cookie Timeout Minutes: 20

Encryption Decryption Key: #$utP9%z

Encryption Algorithm: DES

Failed Sleep Seconds: 3

Remember Me Enabled: Enabled

Remember Me Timeout Days: 15

Scheme: http

Port: 8381

Virtual Directory: sso


1. Remote Value

2. Local Override


Choose 2

Edit 6

I used 300 minutes


Q to exit

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Jan 02, 2015 11:09 AM

This seems to completely override the timeout feature - check the "Remember me on this computer" box on the CAPC login screen.  I'm not sure if that's by design or not but it works for me in IE, FF, and Chrome.

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