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How CCA Agents are installed remotely 

Apr 28, 2016 03:43 PM

The following is the process how CCA Agents are installed Remotely from the CCA Server

• CCA Server (or Grid Node if installed) maps a drive to \\<host>\admin$ using credentials provided in access profile
• It Then copies the agent file to \windows\system32 folder
• From here, CCA Server \ CCA Grid Node will run installCMD that will install itself as a service on the remote host
• That service has a the parameters for the agent installation in silent mode
• It will then attempt to remotely start that service, which will kick off the agent installation
• Upon completion of the agent, the service will top and be uninstalled by the CCA Service

All of the above gets done by the one command below:

"C:\Program Files\CA\CCA Grid Node\Agent_Installers\Windows\installCmd.exe" \\<host> /win64 /user:<domain>\<user> /c "C:\Program Files\CA\CCA Grid Node\Agent_Installers\Windows\AgentWindows64VM.exe" -i silent -DUSER_INSTALL_DIR=\"C:\Program Files\CA\cca agent\" -DAGENTLOG=1 -DSERVERPING=0 -DAGENTPORT=8063 -DSERVERNAME=<targethost> -DSERVERPORT=8080

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