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Tech Tip: Published Knowledge Docs Oct-Nov 

Nov 12, 2015 12:53 PM

Hello Everyone,

Here is a list of all the latest knowledge docs that have been posted since Oct 1st till today.

While we work on ways to improve keeping you informed about new knowledge we will work on posting these more often.




Doc  ID#TitlePrimary  Product
TEC1844094I cannot drill out of UIM into NFA after having NFA added as a
  Data Source to CAPC/NPC
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1098181When attempting to edit and LDAP user account in NFA, I get an
  error stating "The Password cannot be empty".
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1882287Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01fa' error when
  accessing "SNMP Profiles" link in NFA Administrative GUI
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1255017An item with the same key has already been added.NetVoyant
TEC1540292Unable to edit Groups in NPC because it says
  "Synchronizing Global Databases" and this never completes.
CA NetQoS Performance Center
TEC1685561After deleting Spectrum as a data source from NPC, and trying
  to add it back, there is an error stating "Adding Data Source Failed,
  Data Source is already registered to another Performance Center
CA NetQoS Performance Center
TEC1835621The "NetQos ReporterAnalyzer Query Service" stops
  when I run a custom report that uses a protocol filter of UDP or TCP
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1123212LDAP login working on NPC/PC but not on NFACA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1565662MTP Vertica database is down – comprehensive guideCA Application Delivery Analysis Multi-Port Monitor
TEC1534467How does NFA convert bytes to MegaBytes or GigaBytes?CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1209608NFA upgrade fails with the error in migrator log: Cannot load
  from mysql.proc
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1457254SAML Users Unable to Log into CA NFA After MigrationCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1150483WebServiceQuery*.log is filled with the error "Unknown or
  incorrect time zone: 'UTC' set time_zone = ?TimeZone;"
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1288782I am seeing the error "PROCEDURE
  reporter.SyncRouterInterfaceAndAgentCounts does not exist" in my NFA
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1023407NFA Custom Reports are getting stuck in Queued or Defined but
  not completing
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1097191Flow Forensics Reports complete without error but returns
  "No Data".
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1575592How to change the Default Setting for ' Max per Page ' on the
  Interfaces Page
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC606788How do I configure the sampling rate for a router device within
  NFA manually?
CA Application Delivery Analysis
TEC1143828Proper shutdown sequence for Network Flow AnalysisCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1117684How to change QoS ToS values to IP PrecedenceCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1367457When attempting to manually edit an LDAP/SAML user in NFA I get
  the error "The password cannot be empty".
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1450863Why does my NFA stop displaying data for a router if it cannot
  be SNMP polled?
CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC520786"OTHERS" category in custom reportsCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1608047Individual interfaces show as 'Interface ##' in NFA ConsoleCA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1954143Using iftype exclusion with NFA 9.3.3CA Network Flow Analysis
TEC1819126How to make Enterprise Overview the default page in NFACA Network Flow Analysis
TEC591277How can I address MySQL51 performance issues?CA Application Delivery Analysis
TEC1943744When upgrading Gigastor to a new major version, will I need a
  new license?
CA GigaStor
TEC1443164MySQL56 Performance IssuesCA Unified Communications Monitor
TEC1523781SILKWide Codec ThresholdCA Unified Communications Monitor

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Nov 13, 2015 12:03 AM

Nice to see the contribution of the Support team in these articles!

Nov 12, 2015 05:02 PM

Thanks for posting this.  For some reason I received an email notification of casph02's comment, but not from the original post by Charles_Nack.

Nov 12, 2015 04:26 PM

Thanks, Charles!

This is great information - I can't always keep up with new articles.

Posts like these will help users to know what is out there and what issues have been addressed.

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