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Release Automation KB: What are Deprecated Actions? 

Aug 03, 2015 02:36 PM


Why are certain actions designated "deprecated" after upgrading to the latest version of an action pack?



On occasion, after updating a previously installed action pack to a newer version, certain actions may appear with the word "deprecated" in their names. This means the action is no longer supported or will no longer be developed in its existing form.

After updating to the latest version of an action pack, if one reviews the list of actions included in the pack, the old action will appear as "deprecated" and a new action of the same name will be listed as well, the latter being the updated, new version of the action.  This will occur usually when the specific action has been revised so heavily that it must be reintroduced as a new action apart from the old one.  In time, the old action will be removed via a future update.

Customers have two options when encountering actions that are already in use but marked "deprecated" following an update:

  • Remove the deprecated action from all flows and applications that use it, and replace it with the new action (this is the best practice supported by CA).
  • Ignore the "deprecated" status and continue using the old action. One must keep in mind, however, that the deprecated action will no longer be supported and will likely be removed in a future update.

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