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Announcing General Availability for CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.5 

Jan 02, 2017 10:46 PM

The entire CA UIM team is pleased to present CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.5! This latest release includes new features for advanced CABI data visualizations, a new and improved Azure probe and dashboard, as well as integrations with CA SystemEdge. In addition, the 8.5 release continues to deliver on our commitment to quality, with a further reduction in outstanding defects, and fixes to improve your experience with UIM.


The 8.5 update and links to the user documentation are available on the CA UIM support site at HERE.
We strongly recommended reviewing the release documentation available at the above link so that you are aware of any upgrade or data migration requirements that could be applicable to your environments.


Key updates included in CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.5 are:


New Out-of-the-box Data-Driven Dashboards

Based on CA Business Intelligence, these new, universal dashboards provide the actionable insights needed to proactively optimize the performance of hybrid infrastructures. With simple navigation and an intuitive design, these new visualizations allow users to explore inventory, alarms, metrics and more. Users can easily drill into groups, devices, metrics and individual components to get fine-grained, actionable insight. Dashboards include:

  • CA UIM Summary Dashboard: View problematic devices, groups and UIM probes. View inventory breakdown and alarm overview.
  • Group Dashboard: Explore metrics, view in-context alarms and inventory and identify what monitoring probes are in use.
  • Device Dashboard: View device attributes, in-context key performance indicators, and explore metrics for individual components.
  • Probe Dashboard: Identify monitored devices and generated alarms, explore metrics collected and drill into individual devices and components.
  • Inventory Dashboard: Visualize inventory breakdown by both device role and alarm state.
  • Alarm Dashboard: View and filter open alarms for a selected group, device or probe and drill deeper to gain improved insight.


Enhanced Azure Monitoring Probe and Dashboard

The UIM 8.5 release includes an updated Azure monitoring probe and enhanced dashboard for efficient monitoring and deep insights into Azure-based apps and services. New features include:

  • Updated probe provides significantly improved metric coverage through use of the Azure Resource Manager API for monitored services (Azure VMs, Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure Web Apps).
  • Support for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) model (Resource groups & Tags).
  • Additional collection of metrics and properties for VMs, Storage, and Network services across Azure deployments.
  • Update Websites Service to Web Apps App Service
  • Support for UIM’s Monitoring Configuration Service for simplified administration and rapid deployment of probes and configurations.
  • New Azure-specific CABI Dashboards with key metrics and graphical data visualizations for quick insight into Azure performance characteristics and alarm conditions requiring attention.


CA SystemEdge Integration with CA UIM

New integration between CA SystemEdge and CAUIM allows customers to preserve their deployment of SystemEdge Agents while migrating visualizations and server monitoring to UIM as a single, unified solution:

  • Efficient monitoring of CA SystemEdge agents via CA UIM’s SNMP Collector.
  • Existing CA SystemEdge integrations with other CA Products can remain intact (e.g. Spectrum, E-Health), enabling a smooth transition to CA UIM.
  • Easily discover CA SystemEdge Agents using the standard CA UIM Discovery Wizard and the CA UIM SNMP Collector Probe.
  • Out-of-the-Box dashboards for CA SystemEdge Agents in UIM CABI
  • License migration, allowing customers to transition CA SystemEdge licenses to the equivalent CA UIM probes without disruption. (Please contact CA for details.)

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Jan 09, 2017 03:16 AM


The tech doc also states the same upgrade path as previously noted


8.0       -> 8.2   -> 8.47 -> 8.5



Jan 05, 2017 11:12 PM

Hi Franklin,


Thanks for the update. But as per the below KB link it seems we can directly upgrade to 8.5 from 8.0. Please correct me if I am wrong.



Jan 04, 2017 01:15 AM


You will need to upgrade via a intermediate version to go to 8.5. See path below


UIM 7.5 or higher --> UIM 8.2 --> UIM 8.47 -> UIM 8.5



Jan 04, 2017 12:59 AM

HI, Currently we are using UIM 8.0. Is it possible to upgrade directly to 8.5?

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