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Cisco IOS - SSH Capable Reload_Script (not Telnet!) 

Mar 10, 2016 01:17 PM

This is a working version of a device reload script for the "Cisco IOS -SSH Capable" device family.  In Spectrum 9.4.3, the default is NO reload script, but a built-in "script" attempts to do the reload via the Telnet protocol.  Well, the "SSH Capable" name notwithstanding, (DOH!)  Most organizations with even a fleeting grasp of computer security do NOT use Telnet since it sends passwords in clear-text.


The very same script can be used for both reload AND "reload cancel"; only the "Additional Script Parameters" need to be modified (added).  See the "default" Reload-Cancel script that comes with 9.4.3 for a good idea of how the additional parameters are set up.   I changed the reload parameters for reload action from "cancel" (the reload cancel action parameter) to "in 5" .  I've tried to use all the same parameters as the default cancel script, and as the config capture scripts. 


Aside: our config capture scripts use SSH, but they were done before my time and i'm not sure if they were originally "out of the box" or our own hacks; in any event we have since modified them to adjust timeout paramters.  Happily, now all of our [arista,cisco,juniper,force10...] devices successfully save configs day in and day out

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