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Example - FOR looping in PX 

05-04-2018 03:32 PM

Often we are challenged with requirements where we might need to mimic FOR looping in PX. I am sharing an example of PX that can help you in achieving FOR loop in PX.


One of the most common requirement I have seen is - Assign Active Directory Provisioning role and then update AD account's attributes such as group membership. This requirement becomes difficult to achieve because of asynchronous nature of Identity Manager's executing events. It takes some time in getting AD account created. By the time second PX/action triggers for updating AD Account's attributes, AD account is NOT created. Due to this timing issue AD account is not updated.


I have taken this requirement as my use case for this example. Please change you main condition and action under "Execute Action if condition is TRUE".

I have taken 10 as Maximum Counter value. You can change this value under Data Element - Max Counter.



Praveen Jain




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