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CA SAM KPI Cron Jobs fail with the error, 'This process is already running and cannot be started more than once.' 

Sep 21, 2015 08:27 AM

CA SAM KPI Cron Jobs show that it has failed in the CA SAM UI  (Admin->Cron Jobs.)  The error log shows the following error message:

WARNING: ASP-W0.  This process is already running and cannot be started more than once.



  • Another KPI calculation is running
  • A previous KPI calculation did not finish successfully


    • Wait until the other KPI calculation has finished


        • To verify if a cron job is running on the  CA SAM server:


            •   open Task manager, on the processes tab ,  look for a php_exe process that is  actively consuming resources
        • If there is no actively running php_exe process, then delete the entry with the code "control_last_kpi_status" from the system configuration.


            • Open CA SAM
            • Admin->Browse Configuration
            • In the code column, enter , "control_last_kpi_status"
            • Click on the red ‘x’, to delete the entry


              • Note: When the cron job attempts to run again, it will create a new entry.

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          Jan 16, 2017 02:06 PM

          This solution seems to directly contradict what this KB article says to do, i.e.  changing "running" to last run time instead of deleting it all together.



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