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CA SDM - Service Desk Install - instalación - instalação - インストール - Real Installation video using almost 50 minutes 

Oct 08, 2015 10:27 AM

Environment and scenario to understand why spend some time to install, normally it's faster.

  • Nootebook
  • i5
  • 08 Gb RAM
  • CA SDM Media on External HD using USB 2.0 .iso
  • mount on Windows Server 2012


Installation process - step by step


  1. Media Download - CA Service Management 14.1 DVD10101305M (Download Center)
  2. Mount / unzip the media
  3. Choose your language
  4. License Term
  5. Database configuration
  6. Select Products and integration's
  7. Prerequisites
  8. Type CASMAdmin password
  9. CA Service Desk Product Configuration (Standard/HA, REST, CMDB, Support Automation)
  10. CA Service Desk Details port (web server, Objects, tomcat, slumpsocket, host)
  11. Type ServiceDesk password
  12. Optional components details (webservice, visualizer)
  13. Support Automation Configuration
  14. Unified self-Service Configuration (path, database, smtp)



Passos da instalação


  1. Download - CA Service Management 14.1 DVD10101305M (Download Center)
  2. Monte a media
  3. Escolha o idioma
  4. Aceite os termos da licença
  5. Configuração do banco de dados
  6. Selecione os produtos e sua integração
  7. Pré requisitos
  8. Entre com a senha do usuário CASMAdmin
  9. Configuração do CA Service Desk Configuration (Standard/HA, REST, CMDB, Support Automation)
  10. Configuração de portas do CA Service Desk (web server, Objects, tomcat, slumpsocket, host)
  11. Informe a senha do usuário ServiceDesk
  12. Componentes opcionais (webservice, visualizer)
  13. Configuração do Support Automation
  14. Configuração do Unified self-Service Configuration (path, database, smtp)



La instalación


  1. Download - CA SDM 14.1 DVD10101305M (Centro de descarga)
  2. Montar / descomprimir los medios de comunicación
  3. Elige tu idioma
  4. Licencia
  5. configuración de base de datos
  6. Seleccione los productos y la integración
  7. Requisitos previos
  8. Escriba la contraseña - CASMAdmin
  9. CA Service Desk de configuración del producto (Estándar / HA, REST, CMDB, Automatización de soporte)
  10. CA Service Desk Detalles del puerto (servidor web, objetos, tomcat, slumpsocket, anfitrión)
  11. Escriba la contraseña - ServiceDesk
  12. Componentes opcionales detalles (servicio web, visualizador)
  13. Configuración de Automatización de soporte
  14. Auto-servicio unificado de configuración (path, base de datos, smtp)




By Google Translator

メディアダウンロード - CAサービスマネジメント14.1 DVD10101305M(ダウンロードセンター)








CAサービスデスク製品構成(標準/ HA、REST、CMDB、サポートオートメーション)








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Jan 02, 2017 09:13 AM

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