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New - Requesting Prod Enhancements - CA SiteMinder, AuthMinder & RiskMinder

  • 1.  New - Requesting Prod Enhancements - CA SiteMinder, AuthMinder & RiskMinder

    Posted Feb 24, 2014 05:05 PM

    CA Security Product Management has announced a New Procedure for Requesting Product Enhancements for CA SiteMinder, CA AuthMinder and CA RiskMinder

    The CA SiteMinder and CA Advanced Authentication (AuthMinder and RiskMinder) teams are pleased to announce the introduction of the CA Community feedback process for requesting product enhancements. This new method allows fellow Community members to share and learn about valuable enhancement ideas from their peers while influencing product direction via voting. Under this new process you will have the ability to enter your product enhancement requests directly into the CA Community website, follow their status, view the enhancement requests entered by all Community members, and register your opinion via the voting process to promote or demote the requests. This new process is available now and represents a great opportunity to collaborate on the future of these products.


    Q: Do I need a special account on CA's Support site to participate in this new enhancement request and voting process?

    A: You may. Users need a single common user account to access the CA Support site and the CA Community site. There are two levels of user accounts that provide access, a Basic account and an Enterprise account. To participate in this new enhancement submission and voting process you need to have an Enterprise account.

    Q: How do I know if I already have an Enterprise account?
    A: If you are able to open a support ticket with CA, or download CA products or CA product documentation then your account is an Enterprise account.

    Q: If I have a Basic account and want to transform it to an Enterprise account how can I do that?

    A: You can request to have your account elevated by logging in to the CA Support site, access your profile by clicking on your name at the top, then select the "CA Support" tab to edit your profile and add your Site ID. If you have trouble with that process, please contact your regional Customer Care team (in US only +1 800 225-5224).

    Q: If I don't yet have any sort of account on the CA Community Site, how do I open an Enterprise account?

    A: You can navigate to the base website and select the "Register" link from the top right of the page. You will need to know your Site ID. If you are unsure of what your Site ID is, please engage your CA Account team.

    Q: Where can I get more information about the CA Community site and how to participate in the submission and voting steps?

    A: Please review the Community User Guide information here on the CA Community Feedback wiki.

    Q: What products are covered under this new product enhancement request approach?

    A: All of the CA SiteMinder product family (all components that have "SiteMinder" in their name), CA AuthMinder, and CA RiskMinder.

    Q: Are there different categories for my enhancement requests?

    A: Yes, we have created a couple of separate categories for you to choose from when you enter your enhancement requests:

    - CA SiteMinder Single Sign-On Features

    - CA SiteMinder Single Sign-On Certifications

    - CA Advanced Authentication

    Q: How do I enter my request?

    A: The Community User Guide on the wiki provides detailed instructions, but in general, you will navigate to the CA Security Global User Community and you will then select the "Ideas" tab to enter your idea.

    Q: How is my enhancement request managed once entered into the Community site?

    A: When your request is entered, it automatically initiates a message to the product management team. From that point the product management team will review the request and the Community will have the opportunity to vote on the item. The request will be triaged to one of the idea status classifications. Status classifications are "Under Review", "Delivered", "Currently Planned", or "Not planned". Definitions of these classifications are available on the wiki.

    Q: What is the timeline and SLAs to expect for community voting and product management decision?

    A: Once entered, the Community will have immediate access to the new request and can vote on the request. CA product management team will review the enhancement request within 30 days of its submission.

    Q: What if I have an urgent request that cannot wait for the 30 day period and the broader community review and voting?

    A: CA continues to offer an additional method for requesting an accelerated review of requests that are extremely time sensitive. If you have a request of this type, please enter your request on the Community site and then contact your CA account manager to escalate your request.

    Q: How is the new process different from the CA STAR system that is currently in use?

    A: Three important differences are that all Community members enter requests directly into the new system rather than through a CA Support representative, the enhancement requests are visible to the Community as a whole (optionally you can have the request tagged as anonymous or can be tagged with your name) and can be promoted or demoted by Community members.

    Q: What about the enhancement requests that were entered in the old system (STAR system) through the CA Customer Support team?

    A: The CA SiteMinder and Advanced Authentication teams will continue to process those items that already exist in the STAR system, but all new requests should be entered in the CA Community site.

    Q: Should I only be entering my enhancement request in the Community site or do I have to open a ticket with CA Customer Support too?

    A: From this announcement point forward, enhancement requests should only be entered into the Community site.

    Q: Who can I call if I have more questions that are not addressed on the wiki?

    A: If you are not yet registered and not yet able to get on the site, you can contact the GSC via Customer Care. If you are already a Community member, you can pose additional questions on the CA Community Feedback message boards. All members are automatically added there now so you can post questions.

  • 2.  Re: New - Requesting Prod Enhancements - CA SiteMinder, AuthMinder & RiskMinder

    Posted Aug 01, 2014 04:40 PM

    Where is the wiki for wiki?

    I end up on the "water cooler".

  • 3.  Re: New - Requesting Prod Enhancements - CA SiteMinder, AuthMinder & RiskMinder

    Posted Aug 04, 2014 01:47 PM

    Hello! Here's a link to the Ideas Guide - CA Security. Let me know if I can help with anything else.