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Patching of Centos

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  • 1.  Patching of Centos

    Posted 08-11-2019 12:21 PM
    Hi Team

    Do we support patching of Centos machines using ITCM .If yes , Can someone share how to do this



  • 2.  RE: Patching of Centos
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    Posted 08-13-2019 10:04 PM
    Hello Santhosh,

    Plugging in "Centos" against the DocOps page for ITCM returns hits (such as the following), so it seems like it is supported:

    Have a look around and see where that gets you. If you need more, then come back with more details of what you're trying to do and the issues. Thanks.


  • 3.  RE: Patching of Centos

    Posted 09-18-2019 08:07 AM
    Hi team

    We have downloaded the centos packages to the DSM server and when we create a package  and deploy to centos machines it is asking for dependency... Is there any way to deploy centos packages through ITCM and any way to avoid dependencies