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Hierarchical Through Porfolios

  • 1.  Hierarchical Through Porfolios

    Posted 09-09-2016 12:12 PM

    Business Problem to solve: To support reporting on initiatives aligning to hierarchical strategic planning methodologies (VMOST, VMOSA, etc) it is necessary to visualize the investments within the hierarchy.


    CA PPM provides the ability to set parent/child relationships (Parent Portfolio & Child Portfolios, Programs, Projects, Sub Projects, etc).


    Desired visualization result:

    + Parent Portfolio

    --  + Child Portfolio

    ---- + Program

    ------ + Project

    -------- + SubProject (etc)


    Unfortunately, I just ran a little spike and before I continue...


    - I observe that the INV_HIERARCHIES in the transactional database and the DWH_INV_HIERARCHY in the data warehouse are investment in scope (no portfolios).

    - I observe that the PFM_HIERARCHIES in the transactional database contains the Portfolio hierarchy information I need, but I can't find an equivalent in the data warehouse.


    Q1: Is there a 'One View to Bind Them All?" that combines Portfolio & Investment hierarchical information that I'm missing?

    Q2: Am I missing the Portfolio hierarchy information somewhere in the data warehouse? No big deal if not - it's easy enough to use the CA PPM Bean, I just don't want to make all of this more complicated than it needs to be.


    A BIG THANKS to gcubed & Plidian for their work here: First Hierarchical Grid Portlet.


    Finally, before I go build this starting from Gene & Plidian's code - someone else has to have done this before, eh? I know of at least one other PPM tool where hierarchical visualization like this OOTB - anyone have anything to share? Life is short, I'm stretched too thin and I know how to hit PayPal buttons.

  • 2.  Re: Hierarchical Through Porfolios

    Posted 10-01-2016 07:59 AM

    The DWH does seem to be incomplete with regards to portfolios.  I believe the PPM DB is the best approach at this time.