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CLW Command

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  • 1.  CLW Command

    Posted 01-13-2019 12:31 PM

    Hi Team


    Can we export data in CA  APM using the hostname or IP address using CLW command.

    please provide me with some example commands.



  • 2.  Re: CLW Command

    Posted 01-13-2019 06:51 PM

    The hostname is part of the metric path so, yes, that is available.

    The IP address is trickier because that is actually displayed as a string and we do not persist strings in SmartStor.

    If the agent is 'live' and connected, you can query for the IP address.

    An alternative would be to query for historical agents and do a 'nslookup' to get the IP address.

    There are example queries available in the CLW Reference in the documentation wiki for your APM version.

  • 3.  Re: CLW Command

    Posted 01-15-2019 02:31 AM

    Hi Hiko_Davis

    How can we obtain data using IP address, unable to find any command in the CLW command reference section.



  • 4.  Re: CLW Command
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-15-2019 09:49 AM

    Hi Robert,


    I have been doing some tests and it seems to be possible:



    Below the CLW command:


    java -Xmx128M -Duser=admin -Dhost=localhost -Dport=5001 -jar CLWorkstation.jar get historical data from agents matching (.*) and metrics matching (Host:IP Address) for past 1 minute with frequency of 60 seconds > agent_versions.csv


    It will generate the agent_versions.csv where you can see the output of the above CLW command.




  • 5.  Re: CLW Command

    Posted 01-17-2019 01:46 AM

    Hi Jose-Javier-Sanchez Hallett_German

    What about the frontend that the agent is monitoring not able to fetch that information can you please update the command for this.



  • 6.  Re: CLW Command

    Posted 01-17-2019 08:55 AM

    Original question answered. Marking as correct. Could branch off new question. Will pass on internally. No guarantee of an answer.


    Dear Community:

    Please respond on this as well. Thanks in advance.

    Hal German

  • 7.  Re: CLW Command

    Posted 01-15-2019 08:59 AM

    See export serverlist + IP addresses 

    How can I determine which agent is creating too ma - CA Knowledge 


    Dear Community:

    Please add other suggestions.



    Hal German